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(a) shot in the back of the neck, (absolute) dictatorship, (academic) high school student, (additional) allowance, (administrative) office, (air) route, (all) around, (allotted) task, (American) Indian, (animal) tamer, (animal) trainer, (apoplectic) stroke, (apple) core, (articular) gout, (artificial) ventilation, (artist's) workshop, (as) easy as ABC [coll.], (as) easy as anything [coll.], (as) easy as falling off a log [coll.], (as) easy as pie [coll.], (as) straight as a die, (as) white as a ghost, (as) white as a sheet, (authorised) agent, (authorized) agent, (auxiliary) means, (baby) stroller, (bank) bill, (bank) note, (baseball) base, (basic) approach, (big) fuss, (bit of a) tart, (blade) spar, (boar) fang, (board of) management, (boiler) scale, (bulb) holder, (business) office, (by) courtesy of, (camera) operator, (car) drive, (carburized) case, (charitable) donation, (chicken) coop, (cigarette) stub, (city) district, (class) test, (clean and) jerk, (cleaning) rag, (cold) punch, (common) blackbird [Turdus merula], (common) cuckoo [Cuculus canorus], (common) magpie [Pica pica], (common) nightingale [Luscinia megarhynchos], (common) pear [Pyrus communis], (common) pheasant [Phasianus colchicus], (common) raven [Corvus corax], (company) audit, (conductor's) stand, (continental) quilt cover, (continual) dancing, (conveyor) belt, (country) squire, (court) jester, (creative) work, (crossing) frog, (dancing) partner, (dead) body, (deafening) noise, (dispensing) chemist, (drain) tube, (ear) stud, (early) morning, (economic) viability, (elective) franchise, (endless) screw, (engine) cowl, (engine) cowling, (Eurasian) eagle owl [Bubo bubo], (Eurasian) magpie [Pica pica], (European) bison [Bison bonasus], (European) starling [Sturnus vulgaris], (every) once in a while, (explanatory) note, (extension) leaf, (extrusion) die, (factory / plant / works) management, (fall of) rain, (fat) belly, (fattening) feed, (Federal) Armed Forces, (federal) ministry, (film) projector, (fire) extinguisher, (fishing) rod and line, (fitness) walking, (flat) valley, (football) shirt, (football) sock, (front) desk, (full) gallop, (fully) trained, (game of) doubles [tennis, badminton], (garbage) dump, (German) Federal Law on Support in Education, (glazed) tile, (government) department for religious affairs, (grain) harvesterbinder, (grass) court, (green) plover [, (hair) ribbon, (harbour) wall, (hard) disk, (hard) disk platter, (here) in these parts, (here) in this country, (hinged) lid, (holding) strip, (horse) rug, (hot) pressing, (hypodermic) needle, (in) some other way, (in) tandem, (india) rubber, (india) rubber [material], (Indian) spectacled cobra [Naja naja naja], (injector) nozzle, (inner) conflict, (intellectual) grasp, (intervertebral) disc, (intrinsic) angular momentum, (inward) wrath, (inwardly) torn, (judicial) hearing, (large) dining table, (large) oatcake [Scot.], (large) river, (lathe) bed, (lead) seal, (life) companion, (light) bulb, (light) slumber, (light) wand, (little) rogue, (local) business tax, (local) rag [coll.], (loud) speaker [hi-fi system], (lucky) charm, (mad) rush, (made of) copper, (magnetic) tape, (male) member, (market) crier, (market) stall, (means of) transportation, (medical) orderly, (member of the) Order of Merit (OM), (military) draft, (minor) ailment, (money) order, (moral) fault, (mountain) pass, (mountain) ridge, (mountain) torrent, (mounting) bracket, (music) stand, (nanny) goat, (narrative) writer, (narrow) gap, (narrow) gaps, (nasal) twang, (natural) science, (natural) tendency (of), (northern) goshawk [Accipiter gentilis], (nose) stud, (of) the same age [postpositive], (of) vegetable (origin), (oil) dipstick, (once) again, (one) score, (others of) her ilk, (others of) his ilk, (others of) their ilk, (paint) brush, (pair of) bib overalls, (pair of) binoculars, (pair of) dividers, (pair of) dungarees, (pair of) tweezers, (parish) priest, (parliamentary) seat, (period of) grace, (petrol) pump attendant, (pickled) knuckle of pork, (piece of) fallow land, (ping-pong) table, (planet) cage, (plasticizing) screw, (pleasant) anticipation


24/7 [twenty-four seven]


404 [sl.]




a, a considerable number of, a couple of, a far bit of, a few, a gazillion [coll.], a head, a hundred and one, a long time, a long time ago, a lot, a lot of, a mornings, a nice mess, a number of, a number of things, a posteriori, a priori, a short while ago, a thing, a thousand things, a time, a total of, a while, a'body (allbody) [Scot.], a'thing [Scot.], a'where (allwhere) [Scot.], A-bomb, ab initio, aback, abacterial, abaft, abandoned, abandonment, abandonment of a business, abasement, abashedly, abashing, abashingly, abashment, abasing, abatement, abattoir, abb, abbey, abbot, abbreviated, abdication, abdomen, abdominal cavity, abdominal delivery, abduction, abed, aberrance, aberrances, aberrancy, aberrant, aberrantly, aberrated, aberration, abetment, abetter, abettor, abhorrence, abhorrent, abhorrently, abidance, abider [female], abiding, abidingly, abigail, ability, abiotic, Abitur [secondary school leaving examination], abject, abjectly, abjectness [misery], abjuration, ablactation [weaning], ablated, ablating, ablatio, ablation, ablaut, able, able to earn one's living, able to resist, able to take a load, able to work, able-bodied, ablution, ably, abnegation, abnormal, abnormality, abnormally, aboard, abode, abolishment, abolition, abominable, abominably, abomination, aboriginal, aboriginally, aborigines, abortive, abortively, aboulia [spv.], abound, abounding, about, about each other, about her, about him, about it / that, about me, about one another, about them, about this, About us, about you, above, above all, above all (else), aboveboard, abrasion, abrasive, abrasive block, abrasive burn, abrasiveness, abreast, abridged, abridgement, abridgment, abrogation, abrupt, abruptly, abscess, abscission, abscondence, absconder, absence, absence (of), absence of mind, absence [epilepsy], absent, absent-minded, absent-mindedly, absently, absentminded, absentmindedly, absentmindedness, absinth, absinthe, absolute, absolute ownership, absolute value, absolutely, absolutely essential, absolutely secure, absoluteness, absolution, absorbent cotton, absorbing, absorbing capacity, absorption, absorptive, abstemious, abstemiously, abstemiousness [of meal, diet], abstention, abstentious, abstinence, abstinent, abstinently, abstract, abstract of account, abstracted, abstractedly, abstraction, abstractly, abstractor, abstruse, abstrusely, absurd, absurdism, absurdity, absurdly, absurdness, abulia, abundance, abundancy, abundant, abundantly, abuse, abusing, abusive, abusively, abutter


B-road, Babbitt, babbler, babbling idiot, babe, babe [esp. Am.] [coll.], babe [sl.], baby, baby pig, baby [coll.], baby-blue, baby-face [adult male], babyface, babyish, babyishly, babysitter, bachelor, bachelor girl, bachelorette, back, back and forth, back cloth, back door, back filling, back frame [piano], back of the head, back pass [football], back passage [coll.: anus], back then, back there, back to back, back [of the soundbox of a musical instrument], back-seat driver [fig.], backbone, backbow, backbreaking, backdoor, backdrop, backer, backers, backfield, backfilling, background, background [to be of German background], backhanded, backhoe, backing, backlash, backlink, backlock, backlog, backorder, backpack, backpacking, backrest, backscratching, backside, backside [coll.], backsliding, backstabber, backstabbing, backstop, backstroke, backup, backward, backwards, backwater, backwoods, backyard, bacon, bacterium, Bactrian camel [Camelus bactrianus], bad, bad dream, bad habit, bad luck, bad mark, bad-mannered, bad-tempered, baddy [coll.], Baden, badge, badge of honour, badger, badger [Meles meles], badges, badlands, badly, badman, badness, badonkadonk, baffled, bafflement, bafflingness, bag, bag [udder], bagatelle, baggage, baggage car, baggage porter, baggagecar, baggy, bagnio, bagpipe, bagpipes, bags, Baha'i [Religion], Bahaism, Bahrain (.bh), bail, bail [cricket], bailiff, bailiffs, bailsman, bailsmen, bait, baiter, bake [esp. Br.], baked, baked pudding [esp. Br.], baker, bakers, bakery, baking, baking dish, baking powder, baking tin, baking tray, balance, balance beam, balance rail, balance weight, balanced, balcony, bald, bald headed, bald patch, bald pate, balderdash, baldheaded, baldly, baldness, bale, bale [obs., poet.], baleful, balefully, balefulness, bales, balk, balky, ball, ball bearing, ball game, ball pen, ball room, ball [of hand, foot, toes], ball-point pen, ball-shaped, ballad, ballast, ballet, ballet dancer, ballistics, balloon, balloon [speech balloon], ballot, ballot box, ballot card, ballot paper, ballot [sl.], ballots, ballpark price, ballpen, ballpoint, ballpoint pen, ballpoint pens, ballroom, balls to the walls, ballsy, ballup, balm, balminess, balmy, baloney, balsam, Bambi, bamboo, bamboozle, bamboozlement, ban, banal, banality, banally, banana, banana chignon, bananas, band, band conveyor, band [radio etc.], band-aid


C-frame, C-section, C.O.D. service, cab, cab driver, cabal, cabaret (show), cabbage, cabbage leaf, cabbages, cabby [coll.], cabin, cabinet, cabins, cable, cable car, cable railway, cable [metal], cables, cablevision, caboodle, caboose [fig.], cabriolet, cachet, cack-handed, cackling, cactus, cad [dated] [derogatory], cadaver, cadaverous, caddish, cadence, cadenced, cadet, cadger, cadre, cadres, caducity, Caesarean (section), Caesarian (section), cafard, cafe, cafeteria, caffeine, caftan, café, cage, cagey, cagily, caginess, caisson, caitiff, cajole, cajolement, cajoler, cake, cake tin, cake-hole, cake-walk, cakehole, cakes, cakewalk, calamitous, calamitously, calamitousness, calamity, calcification, calcination, calcium, calculable, calculated, calculating, calculating machine, calculation, calculational, calculator, calculatory, calculus, calderas, caldron, calendar, calendars, calf, caliber, calibre, calico, caliper, caliph, call, call for proposals, call for tenders, call number, call out, call waiting (CW), call-through, call-up, callar, called, caller, calligrapher, calligraphy, calling, calling card, callous, calloused, callously, callousness, callout [tech. drawing], callow, callow youth, callowly, callowness, callus, callused, calm, calm [0 Bft], calmly, calmness, caloric, caloric value, calorie, calorie (cal), calorific energy, calque, calumniation, calving, calyx, calèche, cam, cam [coll.: camera], camaraderie, camber [wheel], cambist, Cambodia (.kh), Cambodian, camel, camel hair, cameo, camera, cameraman, Cameroon (.cm), camisole, camomile, camouflage, camp, camp bed, camp follower, camp [fig.], campaign, campbed, camper (van), camper level, camphor, camping, camping stove, campus prison, can, can be used, can opener, Canada (.ca), Canadian, Canadian (canoe), canaille, canal, canalisation, canalization, canard, canary, canary bird, cancelable, cancelation, cancellable, cancellation, cancer, candelabra, candelabrum, candid, candidacy, candidate, candidates, candidature, candidly, candidness, candle, candle holder, candle power, candle stick, candlepower, candlestick, candlesticks, candor, candour, candy, cane, cane brake, cane sugar, cane [sl.], caned, canine, canister


D [grade], D&O (Directors & Officers), D-Day, d.o.b. [date of birth], dab, dabbler, dacoit [Ind.], dactyl, dactylogram, daddy longlegs [Opiliones], daedal, daffy, daft, daftly, daftness, dafty, dagger, dagger (†), daily, daily ledger, daily newspaper, daily routine, daily task, daily wages, daintily, daintiness, dainty, dairy, dairy farming, dairy industry, dairying, dais, daisy chain, dale, dam, damage, damageable, damaged, damaging, dame, dammit [sl.], damnably, damnation, damnit [sl.], damp, damp squib [coll.], dampening, damper, damping movement, damply, dampness, damsel [archaic or literary], damsel [archaic, poet.], damson (plum), dance, dance artist [female], dance artist [male], dance hall, dance performer [female], dance performer [male], dancer, dancer [female], dancers, dancing, dandelion [Taraxacum officinale], dander, dandiprat, dandruff, dandruffs, dandy, dang [esp. Am.] [coll.], danger, danger of fire (breaking out), danger of life, danger of suppression of evidence, danger zone, dangerous, dangerously, Danish, dank, dankly, dankness, danseuse, dapper, dapperness, dapple, dare devil, dared, daredevil, daredevils, daring, daringness, dark, dark deed, dark horse [fig.], dark side, dark yellow, darkening, darkish, darkly, darkness, darksome, darling, darling of fortune, darn, darned, darning, dart, dash, dash [-], dash [coll.: dashboard], dashboard, dashed, dashing, dashingly, dastardly, data, date, date of birth (DOB), date of expiration, date tree, dated, dateless, dative, dative case, daubing, daughter, daughter in law, daughterly, daunting, dauntless, dauntlessly, davenport, daw [jackdaw], dawdling, dawg, dawn, day, day bed, day in, day labourer, day of remembrance, day of rest, day off, day out, day pass, day ticket, day's march, day-to-day, daybed, daybook, daybreak, daylight robbery, daytaller, daytime, daze, dazed, dazzling, de jure, de trop, deacon, dead, dead (people), dead bodies, dead body, dead calm, dead certain, dead end, dead good, dead plate, dead straight, dead sure, dead time, dead tired, dead woman, dead-end, dead-end street, deadbeat, deadline, deadline extension, deadlock, deadlocks, deadly, deadly dull, deadly enemy, deadness [of limbs], deadplate, deadwood, deaf, deaf aid, deafly, deafness, deal, deal [coll.], dealer, dealers, dealings, deallocation, dean, deaner


E flat (Eb), E sharp (E#), e-brake, each, each one, each other, each time, eager, eager to learn, eagerly, eagerness, eagle, eagle-eyes, eagles, ear, ear drum, ear ring, ear trumpet, ear [of maize], ear-phone, ear-shot, eardrum, earhole, earl, earlier, earliest possible, earliness, early, early days, early on, earmark, earnest, earnestly, earnestness, earning a living, earning power, earnings, earns, earnt [spv.], earphone, earphone [coll.], earpiece, earring, ears, ears of a hare, earshot, earth, earth brown, earth chip, earth lug, earth tremor, earth's gravitational pull, earth's rotation, earthenware, earthenware baking mould, earthiness, earthly, earthmover, earthmover [bulldozer], earthquake, earthwire, earthworm, earthy, eartrumpet, earwax, earwig, earworm [coll.: catchy tune], ease, easeful, easefully, easel, easement, easily, easily / always cold, easily remembered, easily understandable, easiness, easing, easing of tension, easing the burden (of, on), East, eastbound, Easter, easterly, eastern, eastward, eastwardly, eastwards, easy, easy in one's mind (about), easy-cutting, easy-going, easy-peasy, easygoing, eat [rare: ate], eatery, eating irons, eating place, eaves gutter, eavesdropper, eavesdroppers, eavesdropping, ebb, ebbs, ebony, eccentrically, eccentricity, ecclesia, ecclesial, Ecclesiastes, ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical, ecclesiastical council, ecclesiastically, echelon, echo, echt, eclectic, eclecticism, eclipse, economic, economic management, economic situation, economic vitality, economically, economically priced, economising, economist, economizing, economy, ecstasized, ecstasizes, ecstasy, ecstatic, ecstatically, Ecuador (.ec), ecumenical, ecumenically, eczema, edacious, eddies, eddy, eddy wind, eddy [e.g. wind], edema, edentulous, edge, edge [book], edge [bowling], edged, edges, edgeways, edgewise, edginess, edging, edgy, edible, edict, edification [formal], edifice, edifices, edifying, edited, editing, edition, edition (ed.), editor, editor-at-large, editorial, editorial department, editorial office, editorial work, editorials, editors, educated, educating, education, education science, educational establishment, educationalist, educationist, educator, ee [Scot.], eejit [Irish] [Scot.] [coll.], eel, eerie, effect, effective, effective capacity, effective day, effective output, effective power, effectively, effectiveness, effects [property], effectual, effectuality, effectually, effectuation, effeminateness


fable, fabled, fabric, fabrication, fabricator, fabulous, fabulously, facade [also fig.], face, face to face, face towel, face worker, face [fig.], face-to-face, facecloth, faced, facetious, facetiously, faceworker, facile, facilely, facileness, facilitation, facilitator, facilities, facility, facility manager, facility trip, facing, facing [garment], facsimile, fact, fact sheet, faction, factious, factitious, factitiously, factor, factorial, factorisation, factory, factory acceptance test (FAT), factory owner, facts of the case, factual, factually, faculty, faculty of reason, fad, faddist, fade, faded, fades, fading, faeces, faerie [lit.], fag, fag [coll.], fail, failing, failing that / this, failure, faint, faint-hearted, fainthearted, faintheartedly, fainting fit, faintness, fair, fair and beautiful, fair dinkum, fair enough [coll.], fair-haired, fair-minded, faire, fairing, fairish, fairly, fairminded, fairness, fairspoken, fairway [golf], fairy tale, fairy-tale, fairylike, fairytale, fairytale-like, faith, faithful, faithfully, faithless, faithlessness, fake, fake [person feigning illness], faker, fakers, fakes, fall, fallacious, fallaciously, fallacy, fallback, fallen, fallen in love, fallen into ruin, fallen out [teeth, hair], falling in love, falling off, falling off [belief], Falling or fallen rocks, falling rock, falling sickness [archaic], falling star, Fallopian tube, Fallopian tubes, fallow, fallow ground, falls [waterfall], FALSE, false doctrine, false god, false teaching, false-hearted, falsehood, falsification, falsified, falsifier, falsifiers, falsifies, falsity, fame, famed, familial, familiar, familiarisation, familiarity, familiarization, familiarly, familiarness, family, family name, family status, family tree, famine, famosity, famous, famous the world over, famously, famousness, fan, fan belt, fan brake, fanatic, fanatical, fanatically, fanaticism, fanatics, fancied, fancied [imaginary], fancier, fanciers, fanciful, fancy, fancy cake, fancy woman, fancy woman [obs.], fanfare, fang, fanner, fanning, fanning strip, fanny, fans, fantasia, fantastic, fantastic shot, fantastical, fantastically, fantasy, fantasy image, far, far out, far too, far-away, far-flung, faraway, farce, farces, farcical, fardel [archaic], fare, fare [passenger], farewell, farewell party, farina, farinaceous, farm, farm labourer, farm servant, farmer


G'day! [Aus.] [coll.], gabber, gabbiness, gabbler, gabby [coll.], gabfest, gable, gables, gaby, gadfly, gadget, gadgetry, gaffer, gaffer [senior glassblower], gag, gage, gaggle, gaiety, gaiety [merrymaking], gaily, gain, gainer, gainful, gainfully, gainfully employed, gaining, gainsaying, gait, gaiter, gal, gala dress, galahad [fig.], gale, gall, gall bladder, gall stone, gallant, gallantly, gallantry, gallbladder, galled, galleria, gallery, gallery play, gallery [in a theatre], Gallic, gallimaufry, galling, gallivant, gallop [horse riding], gallows, gallows tree, gallstone, galop, galore, galoshes, galvanic, galvanising, galvanizing, gambit [fig.: trick, device], gambling, game, game of chance, game of dice, game of hazard, game plan, game preserve, gamecock, gamekeeper, gamely, gameness, gamete, gamily, gamine, gaminess, gammer, gammy, gamut [fig.: range], gamut [recognized scale], gamy, gander, gander [coll.: look, glance], gang, gang (of criminals), gangland, gangrene, gangrenous, gangsaw, gangway, gannet, gantry, gaol, gaoler, gaolers, gap, gap [joint], gape, gapless, garage, garage [service station], garb, garbage, garbage can, garbage collection, garbage removal, garbage [esp. Am.], garbage [fig.], Garda [Irish], garden, garden pest, garden rue [Ruta graveolens], gardener, gardener's knife, gardening, gargantuan, gargoyle, garish, garishly, garland, garlic, garment, garner, garnets, garnish, garnishment, garniture, garret, garrison, garrulous, garter, garçon d'honneur, garçon [old-fashioned], gas, gas burner, gas line, gas main, gas mask, gas poisoning, gas pump, gas station attendant, gasbag [coll.] [derog.], gaseous waste, gash, gashing, gasification, gasket, gasoline, gasoline pump, gasp, gassed, gassy [coll.], gat [esp. Am.] [sl.], gate, gate keeper, gate valve, gate [electrode], gateau, gatekeeper, gateway, gateway [also fig.], gateway [for new companies], gathering, gathering place [for people], gathering [of people], gating, gator [esp. Am.] [coll.], gauche, gaudily, gaudiness, gaudy, gauge, gauges, gauging, gauging office, Gaulish, gaunt, gauntlet, gauntly, gauze, gauze bandage, gauzy, gavel, gawk [coll.], gawkily, gawky, gay, gayly, gaze, gazelle, gear, gear change, gear ratio, gear transmission ratio, gear unit, gear wheel, gearbox, gearing, gearing mechanism, gearwheel, geek [esp. Am.] [coll.]


H [sl.], haberdashery, habiliments, habit, habit [nuns], habit [of a monk], habitable, habitably, habitant, habitat, habitation, habitual, habitual drunkenness, habitually, habitualness, habituation, habitude, hacienda, hack, hackles up, hackney, hackney carriage, hackneyed, hackneys, haematoma, haemogram, haemophilia, haemoptysis, haemorrhage, haft, hag, haggard, haggardly, haggardness, haggling, hags, hail, hail [salutory], hailstorm, hair, hair band, hair dresser, hair loss, hair salon, hair style, hair tonic, hair-splitting, hairband, hairbrush, haircut, haircutter, hairdo, hairdressing, hairdryer, haired, hairily, hairless, hairline, hairpin, hairpins, hairstyle, hairstylist, hairy, hairy [sl.], Haiti (.ht), halcyon, hale, hale and hearty, half, half (hf.), half a pint, half a pint of beer, half breed, half length portrait, half moon, half way, half-arch [of a crown], half-assed, half-cut, half-dark, half-light, half-tone [printing], half-yearly, halfhearted, halfheartedly, halfheartedness, halftone [printing], halfway, halfway through, halfwit, hall, hall stand, hall [vestibule], hallmark, Hallo! [esp. Br.], hallow [archaic: saint], hallower, hallowing, halls, hallstand, hallway, halo, halt, halter, halters, halting, halyard, halyards, ham-acting, ham-fisted, ham-handed, hamburger, hamlet, hammer, hammered, hammerhead, hammering [football] [coll.], hammock, hamper, hamster, hand, hand barrow, hand brake, hand gear, hand grenade, hand pulley block, hand to hand fight, hand [clock, watch], hand [in card games], hand-bier, hand-held, hand-tight, handball, handbarrow, handbill, handbills, handbrake, handcraft, handcuff, handful, handholds, handicap, handicraft, handily, handiness, handing out of presents [at Christmas], handing over, handiwork, handkerchief, handle, handle bar, handle [of axe, hammer, chisel, etc.], handle [of cup, vase, etc.], handlebar, handlebars, handling, handmade article, handoff, handout, handover, hands down, hands-down, hands-off, hands-on, handshake, handsome, handsomely, handsomeness, handspring, handwork, handy, handyman, hangar, hanger, hanger-on [derogatory], hanging basket, hanging lamp, hanging [execution], hangman, hangmen, hangnail, hangout, hangout [coll.], hangover, hank, hank [of hair], hank [of wool etc.], hankering, hanky [coll.], hanky-panky [coll.], hanky-panky [sl.], hans, hap, haphazard, haphazardly, hapless, haplessly, haply, happening, happenings


I, I hope so, I O U (I owe you), ibex, ice, ice age, ice bear [Ursus maritimus], ice boat, ice compartment, ice cream, ice figure skating, ice flower, ice pick, ice skate, ice skating, ice time, iceberg, iceboat, icebox, icebreaker, icecold, iced, Iceland (.is), ices [coll.: jewellery], icicle, icicles, icily, iciness, icing, icing (up), ickle, icky, icon, iconoclast, iconoclasts, icterus, icy, id, ID card, ID [coll.: identification papers / card], idea, ideal, ideal image, idealism, idealist, ideally, ideational, idem, idemnification, identic, identical, identically, identically named, identifiable, identifiably, identification, identification (ID), identification card, identification sheet, identity, identity (ID), identity card, ideogram, ideograph, ideology, idiocy, idiom, idiosyncracy [spv.], idiosyncrasy, idiot, idiotic, idiotically, idle, idle talk, idleness, idling, idly, idol, idolater, idolatrousness, idolatry, idolisation, idoliser, idolization, idoneous, idyll, idyllic, idyllically, if, if and when, if necessary, if need be, if possible, iffy, igneous, ignis fatuus, ignited, igniter, igniter cord, ignites, ignition, ignition key, ignoble, ignobleness, ignobly, ignominious, ignominiously, ignominiousness, ignominy, ignomy, ignoramus, ignorance, ignorant, ignorantly, iguana, ilium, ill, ill will, ill-bred, ill-considered, ill-defined, ill-famed, ill-humored, ill-humoured, ill-judged, ill-mannered, ill-naturedly, ill-timed, illegal, illegally, illegitimate, illegitimately, illicit, illicit employment, illicit trade, illicit work, illicitly, illimitable, illness, illuminating gas, illumination, illumination [fig.], illusion, illusionary, illusiv, illusive, illusively, illusiveness, illusorily, illusory, illustration, illustrious, illustriously, illustriousness, image, imaginable, imaginably, imaginary, imagination, imaginative, imaginatively, imagined, imbalance, imbecile, imbecilic, imbecility, imbedded, imbibed, imbroglio, imbuing, imitated silk, imitately, imitation, imitation leather, immaculate, immaculately, immaculateness, immanence, immanent, immaterial, immaterially, immature, immeasurable, immediacy, immediate, immediately, immemorial, immemorially, immense, immense number, immensely, immersion, immersion heater, immersion heaters, immigrant, immigrants, immigration, immigration authorities, immigration authority, immigration office


jab, jab [coll.], jab [sl.], jabbed, jabberwocky, jack, jack daw, jack guide, jack plug, Jack Tar, jack-knifing, jackal, jackass, jackasses, jackdaw, jacker, jacket, jacketing, jacking point, jacking position, jackpot, jackrabbit, jacks, jacksie, jaded, jaeger, jag, jag [sl.], jagged, jaggedly, jags, jail, jail house, jailbird, jailer, jailhouse, jam, jammies, janitor, janitor [in a school], January, Janus-faced, Japan (.jp), Japanese, jar, jarring, jasmin, jasmine, jaundice, jaundiced, jaunt, jauntily, jauntiness, jaunty, javelin, jaw, jaw-dropping, jawbone, jawsmith, jay, jazz, jazz band, jazz [coll.], jazziness, jazzy, jealously, jealousness, jealousy, jee gee [sl.], jeer, jeering, jeeringly, jejune, jejunely, jelly, jelly-like, jellyfish, jellyfish [coll.], jellylike, jenny [female donkey], jeopardy, jerk, jerk [esp. Am.] [coll.], jerk-off [sl.], jerkily, jerkin, jerkingly, jerky, jerrican, jerry can, jerrycan, jersey, jersey [football], jessamine, jester, jesters, jesting, jet, jet airplane, jet engine, jet fighter, jet plane, jet propulsion, jet-propulsion engine, jets, jettisoning [from ship], jetty, jetty (harbour breakwater), jetty [landing stage], jetty [protective structure], Jew, Jew's harp, jewel, jeweler, jeweller, jewellery, jibbing, jibe, jiffy, jig, jigger [fig.], jiggering, jigsaw, jigsaw (puzzle), Jimmy, jingling, jinx, jism [vulg.], jitteriness [coll.], jittery, jive doojee [sl.], jizz [vulg.], job, job ad, job advertisement, job center, job market, jobber, jobbers, jobless, joblessness, jobs for the boys [coll.], jock, Jock [coll.], jocose, jocosely, jocular, jocularity, jocularly, jocund, jocundity, jocundly, joe, jog, jog trot, joggle, John Hancock, johnny, joice, join, joined, joiner, joiner's workshop, joinery, joining, joining [organisation, firm], joins, joint, joint owner, joint stock, joint venture, joint [coll.] [place], joint [of meat], jointing, jointly, joist, joke, joke book, joker, joker [cards], jokester, jokey, jokily, joky, jollily, jolliness, jollity, jolly, jolly boat, jolly-boat, jolt, jolted, jolterhead, jolthead, Jordan (.jo), josh, josser, jostle, journal, journal [bearing point of axle or shaft]


K (kilo), kaftan, kail, kale, kamikaze [sl.], kangaroo, kaput [sl.], kaputt [coll.], karat, karma, karst, Karst (plateau) [limestone plateau near Trieste], kasher, kecks, keel, keen, keen to learn, keen [Irish], keening, keenness, keenness of sight, keep-sake, keeper, keepers, keeping, keepsake, keister, ken, kennel, Kenyan, kept back, kept woman, kerfuffle, kernel, kerosene, kerosine [spv.], kettle, kettle hat, kettledrum, kettles, key, key cup [wind instrument], key money, key note, key word, keyboard, keyed up, keypad, keys, keyword, khazi, kibitzer, kick, kick [coll.: power to stimulate], kick [coll.: thrill], kick [recoil of gun], kick-ass, kick-off, kick-off [football], kickback, kickoff, kicks, kickup, kid [coll.], kid-glove, kiddie [coll.], kidding, kiddy, kiddy [coll.], kidnapper, kidnapping, kidney, kidney [fig.], Kiel, kike, kill [predator game], killed in action (KIA), killer, killers, killing, killing frenzy, killing spree, kiln, kilo, kilogram, kilogramme, kilometer, kilometre, kin, kind, kind of, kind [of people], kind-hearted, kind-heartedness, kinda, kinda (kind of), kindergarten, kindhearted, kindheartedly, kindheartedness, kindliness, kindly, kindlyness, kindness, kindred, kindredship, kinfolk, king, King's peace, kingdom, kingdom of heaven, kingdom-come, kinglike, kingly, kingpin, kingship, kingsize, kink, kinked, kinks, kinky, kinsfolk, kinship, kinsmen, kinswomen, kiosk, kip, kip [sl.], kipper, kirk [Scot.], kismet, kiss, kit, kitsch, kitschy, klaxon, kleptomania, kleptomaniac, klippe, klutz, klutzy, knack, knackered, knapsack, knapsacks, knave, knavery, knaves, knavish, knavishly, kneader, kneading roller, knee, kneecap, knickknack, knife, knife thrust, knight, knight order, knight [chess], knight's order, knight-at-arms, knightage, knighthood, knightly, knipling, knitter, knitting, knitting (work), knitting cotton, knitting needle, knitting yarn, knitwear, knitwear factory, knives, knob, knobhead, knock, knock down, knock knees, knock-down, knock-kneed, knock-off [sl.], knock-out, knockdown, knocked up, knocker [coll.], knocking, knoll, knot, knot [in wood], knots, knotted majoram [spv.] [Origanum majorana], knotted marjoram [Origanum majorana], knotty, knout, knowable, knowing, knowingly, knowledge


L-blade, L-shaped blade, lab assistant, lab technician, lab [coll.], label, labeling, lability, labor, labor (pains), labor force, labor market, labor rate, laboratory, laboratory assistant, laboratory technician, laborer, laborious, laboriously, labour, labour exchange, labour force, labour market, labour pains, labour rate, laboured, labourer, labourers, labyrinth, lace, lace bobbin, lace-making, laceration, lachrymatory gas, lachrymose, lack of attention, lack of faith, lack of footing, lack of knowledge, lack of sensation, lackadaisical, lackey, lackluster, lacklustre, laconic, lacquer, lactation, lactose, lacuna, lad, lad [coll.], ladder, ladderway, laddie, ladies' suit, ladle, lady, lady beetle, lady in waiting, lady [coll.], lady [obs.], lady's finger [Abelmoschus esculentus], lady's maid [archaic], lady's suit, lady-love, ladybird (beetle), ladybug (beetle), ladybugs, ladylove [obs.], lag [coll.: (former) convict], laggard, lagging, lagoon, laguna, lagune, laid down in law, laid-back, lain, lair, laird [Scot.], laisser-faire, laissez-faire, lake, lake dwelling, lam, lamb, lambency, lambkin, lame, lame duck, lamed, lamella, lamely, lameness, lament, lament for the dead, lamentation, lamentation of the dead, lamentations, lamented, lamination, lamp, lampblack, lampoon, lamppost, lampshade, lance, Lance Sergeant, lancet, land, land fit for cultivation, land improvement, land of milk and honey, land power, land reform, land register, land registry office, land tax, landfall, landfill (site), landholder, landholding, landing, landing gear [aircraft], landing stage, landlady, landlord, landlord [pub, restaurant], landlords, landmark, landowner, landscape, landscape (format), landscape format, landslide, landslip, landspout, Landtag [legislative assembly of a German state], lane, lane of traffic, language, language disorder, language of the country, languid, languid [part of an organ pipe], languidly, languidness, languishment, languor, languor [emotional], languorous, languorously, lank, lankiness, lanky, lanky [coll.], lantern, lanyard, Lao, Laos (.la), Laotian, lap, lap joint [tube], lapel, lapin, lappet, lappets, laps, lapse, lapwing [Vanellus vanellus], larcenist, larceny, larch, lard, lard stone, lardy, lardy-dardy, large, large city, large intestine, large number, large quantities of, large scale industry, large-hearted, large-minded, large-scale, largely, largeness, largess, largesse, largest possible, lark, larking, larksome, larrikin [Aus.] [sl.], larva, larynx, lash, lashed (up), lasher


maar, mac, macabre, macaroni, macaroon, Mace, machinable, machination, machinator, machine, machine fitter, machine head, machine [sl.], machine-aided, machineoperator, machinery, machining, machining [removal of material], machinist, mack [sl.], mackintosh, maculation, macule, mad, madam, madcap, maddening, maddeningly, made of brass, made under oath, mademoiselle, madge, madhouse, madly, madness, madwoman, maelstrom, maestro, magazine, mage, magenta, maggot, magic, magic formula, magic spell, magical, magically, magician, magicians, magisterial, magisterially, magistrate, Magistrates' Court [England/Wales], magnanimity, magnanimous, magnanimously, magnanimousness, magnate, magnet, magnetic, magnetical, magnetically, magnetism, magnification, magnificence, magnificent, magnificently, magnifier, magnifying glass, magniloquence, magniloquent, magnitude, magnum opus, maid, maiden, maidenhood, maidenly, maids, maidservant, mail, mail box, mail-order, mailbox, mailed, mailing, mailings, mailman, mailmen, mailperson, maimed, main, main area, main emphasis, main feature, main girder, main job, main railroad station, main railway station, main storage, main town, main-thing, mainland, mainly, mains, mains system, mains water, mainspring, mainstream, maintainable, maintained, maintainer, maintenance, maintenance supervisor, maize, majestic-dignity, majesty, major, Major (USAAF), major general, major part, major power, major road, major-domo, majordomo, majority, make, Make way!, make-or-break, make-up, maker, makes, makeshift, makeshift solution, makeup, making, making-up, maladaptive, maladroit, maladroitly, malady, malapropos, malar bone, malaria, malarkey, Malaysia (.my), male, male cat, male cats, male connector, male dog, male fox, male jack, male nurse, male pigeon, male wolf, malediction, malevolent, malfeasance, malfunction, malice, malicious, maliciously, maliciousness, malign, malignant, malignity, malignly, malingerer, mall, malleability, malleable, malleableness, mallet [croquet], mallet [polo], malleus, malnourished, malnourishment, malnutrition, malodorousness, malpractice, malt, mammal, mammalian, mammary gland, mammoth, mammothly, man, man of affairs, man of honor, man of the cloth, man [pl.: men], man-at-arms, man-made, man-made fiber, man-portable, manageable, manageably, management, management assistant [male], manager


nacelle, naevus, naff, nag, nag [coll.], nagging, naif, nail, nail enamel, nail lacquer, nail polish, nail varnish, nails up, naive, naively, naivity, naked, nakedly, nakedness, Nam, namable, namby-pamby [coll.], name, named, nameless, namelessly, namely, namesake, naming, nannie [spv.], nanny, nanny goat, nap, nape, napkin, Napoleonic complex [dated], nappies, nappy, narcissus, narcomania, narcosis, narcotic, narcotic drug, narcotically, nark, narration, narrative, narrator, narrators, narrow, narrow-minded, narrowly, nary, nary a [coll.], nasal, nasal bone, nasalization, nasally, nasaly, nascency, nastily, nasty, natch [hum.] [coll.], nates, nation, national, national anthem, national character, national characteristics, national colors, national costume, national customs and traditions, national defence, National Health Service patient, national language, national subject [female], national traditions, national uprising, national [female], national, nationalistic, nationality, nationalized, nationally, nationals, nationhood, nationwide, native, Native American, native country, native language, native tongue, native-born, natively, nativity, natron, natter, nattily, nattily dressed, natty, natural, natural history, natural phenomenon, naturalist [expert in natural history], naturally, naturalness, nature, nature reserve, nature study, Naugahyde, naught, naughtily, naughty, nauseating, nauseous, nauseously, nauseousness, nautical, nautically, naval action, naval battle, naval force, naval forces, naval officer, naval power, naval staff, naval supremacy, nave, nave [of wheel], navel, navigable, navigable waterway, navigably, navigating, navigation, navigator, navvy, navy, nay [Scot. / archaic], naysayer, nazi [coll.], naïf, naïve, naïvety, naïveté, ne'er-do-well, neap, near, near by, nearer, nearest, nearly, nearness, nearness [intimacy], nearsighted, nearsightedly, neat, neath [liter.: beneath], neatly, neatness, neb [Scot.] [N. Engl.], nebula, nebulas, nebuliser, nebulous, nebulously, nebulousness, necessaries of life, necessarily, necessary, necessitation, necessitative, necessities of life, necessity, neck, neck and neck, neck line, neck tie, neck-tie, neckband, necklace, neckline, necktie, necrology, necromancy, necropsy, necrotic, nectar, nectarine, ned [coll.], need, needed, needful, needfully, needfulness, needily, neediness, needle, needlepoint [needle-lace], needles [sl.], needless


o' my conscience, O.K., oaf, oafish, oafishly, oafishness, oak, oaken, oaks, oakum, oar, oars, oasis, oast house, oat, oat flakes, oath, oath taking, oatmeal, oats, obbligato, obduracy, obdurate, obdurately, obdurateness, obedience, obedient, obediently, obeisant, obeisantly, obese, obeseness, obesity, obfuscation, obituary, obituary notice, obituary, death notice, object, object of interest, objection, objectionable, objectionably, objective, objective evidence, objective target, objectively, objectivity, objector, objectors, objurgation, oblation, obligates, obligation, obligation to give information, obligatorily, obligatory, obliges, obliging, obligingly, obligingness, obligor, oblique, obliquely, obliqueness, obliquity, obliteration, oblivion, oblong, obloquy, obnoxious, obnoxiously, obscene, obscenely, obscure, obscured glass, obscurely, obscureness, obscurity, obsequies, obsequious, obsequiously, observable, observably, observance, observant, observantly, observation, observational, observatory, observer, observing, observingly, obsessed, obsession, obsessive, obsolete, obsoletely, obstacle, obstetrician, obstetrician [female], obstetricians, obstinacy, obstinate, obstinately, obstreperous, obstreperously, obstructed, obstruction, obstruction [med., pol.], obstructive, obstructively, obstructiveness, obtainable, obtaining, obtainment, obtrusion, obtrusive, obtrusively, obtrusiveness, obtuse, obtuse-angled, obtusely, obtuseness, obverse, obversely, obviation, obvious, obviously, occasion, occasional, occasionally, occident, occidental, occidentally, occiput, occlusion, occlusive, occult, occultation, occultly, occupancy, occupant, occupation, occupational, occupational health nurse, occupationally, occupied, occupier, occupies, occupying troops, occurrence, occurrences, ocean, ocean dumping, ocher, ochre, octave, October, octopod, octuple, ocular, ocularly, odd, odd man out, odd thing, oddball, oddball idea, oddity, oddity [, oddly, oddments, oddness, odds, odds and ends, ode, odious, odium, odor, odoriferous, odorless, odorous, odour, odourless, odyssey, oedema, oesophagus, oeuvre, of, of a, of a truth, of all things, of course, of each other, of equal value, of good nature, of ill fame, of importance, of iron, of late, of little faith


p-hole, pace, pace maker, pacific, pacifically, pacification, pacificist, pacifier, pacifism, pacifist, pack, pack animal, pack frame, pack of cards, pack [of dogs], package, package insert, package slip, packaging note, packed, packet, packing, packing list, packing paper, packsack, packsaddle, packthread, pact, pad, pad [of a paw], pad [old-fashioned], padding, paddle, paddle [ping pong], paddock, paddy, paddy field, Paddy [coll.: Irishman], padre, pads, paean, paedagogy, paediatrician, pagan, paganism, page, page turning, pageant, pageantries, pageantry, pageboy (hairstyle), pail, pails, pain, pain-killing, pain-relieving, painful, painfully, painkilling, pains, painstaking, painstakingly, paint, paintbox, paintbrush, painter, painters, painting, paintings, pair, pair of antlers, pair of bellows, pair of compasses, pairwise, pajamas, Pakistan (.pk), Pakistani, pal, pal [coll.], palace, paladin, palanquin, palatability, palatable, palatably, palate, palatial, palatial [luxurious], palatially, palaver, palaver [coll.], pale, palely, paleness, Palestine (.ps), palette, palisade, palladium, pallet, palliating, palliation, palliative, palliatively, palliatives, pallid, pallidly, pallidness, pallor, palm, palm (of the hand), palm tree, palmistry, palmy, palooka, palpable, palpably, palpitation, palsied, palsy, paltrily, paltry, paludal, paludial, paludian, paludine, paludinous, paludious, pamphlet, pan, panacea, panache, Panama (.pa), pancake, panchayat [Indian village or town council], pancreas, pancreases, pandemic disease, pandemonium, pander, panderer, panders, pane, panegyrist, panel, panel doctor, panel of judges, panel patient, paneling, panelling, pang, pangs, pangs of childbirth, panhandler, panic, panic-stricken, panicked, panicky, panicle, pannier, panning, panoply, panorama, panoramic view, pansy [sl.], pantograph, pantomime, pants, panzerfaust [anti tank weapon], pap, papal, papaver, paper, paper clip, paper [instead of a speech], paper-warfare, paperboard, paperclip, papery, papism, paprika, par, par excellence, para, parable, parabola, parachute, parade, parade ground, paradigm, paradigmatic, paradise, paradox, paradoxical, paraffin, paraffin wax, paragon, paragraph, paragraph by paragraph, Paraguay (.py), parakeet


Q factor, qua, quack, quackery, quadrangle, quadrant, quadrat, quadrate, quadrilateral, quadrillion, quadruped, quadrupeds, quag, quagmire, quail, quaint, quaintly, quaintness, quake, qualification, qualification [auditing], qualified, qualified for, qualifier [qualifying match], qualifiers, qualifies, qualifying period, qualitatively, quality, quality structure, qualm, qualmish, qualmishly, qualms, quandary, quantifies, quantitative, quantitatively, quantities, quantity, quantum, quantums, quarantine, quark, quarrel, quarrelsome, quarrelsomely, quarry, quarrying, quarter, quarter (year), quarter note, quarter of an hour, quarter-hour, quarterly period, quartz, quashed, quashing, quasi, quatrain, quaver, quay, queasily, queasy, queen, queen [chess, card games], queen [insects], queenlike, queenly, queerly, quencher, quenching, queries, querulous, querulously, querulousness, query, quest, quest [Br. dialect: inquest], question, question mark, questionable, questionaire [spv.], questioned, questioning, questionless, questionnaire, questions, queue, queue [of hair], queue-jumping, queues, quibble, quibbling, quick, quick-tempered, quickly, quickness, quicksand, quicksands, quickset, quicksilver, quiescence, quiescent, quiescently, quiet, quietly, quietness, quietude, quietus, quill, quince, quinine, quinsy, quintessence, quintessential, quintessentially, quintillion, quintuple, quip, quipster, quire, quirk, quirkily, quirky, quisling, quite, quite a few, quittance, quitting, quiver, quiver [for arrows], quiverful, quixotic, quixotically, quizzical, quizzical [odd], quizzically, quizzicalness, quondam, quota, quota refugees, quotation, quotation mark, quotation marks, quotation of prices, quote, quotes [coll.], quotidian, quotient, Qur'an, Quran


rabbet, rabbet [for window or door], rabbit, rabbit burrow, rabbit hole, rabbit punch, rabbits, rabble, rabble-rouser, rabble-rousing, rabbles, rabid, rabidity, rabidly, rabidness, rabies, race, race course, race [human race], racecourse, raceme, racer, racers, racetrack, raceway, raceway [water], rachilla, racily, racing pigeon, rack, rack-wheel, racket, racketeer, racketeers, rackets, rackety, raconteur, racoon [spv.], racy, raddled, radial belt [of tire], radially, radiance, radiancies, radiancy, radiant, radiantly, radiating, radiation, radiative, radiator, radiators, radical, radical change, radical [chem., math.], radicalism, radically, radicalness, radio, radio broadcast, radio car, radio device, radio graph, radio operator, radio operator [aviat., naut.], radio play, radio programme, radio receiver, radio reception, radio set, radio station, radio tower, radio transmission, radio transmitter, radio-controlled, radioactive, radioactively, radioactivity, radiogram, radiograph, radiography, radiologist, radiology, radioscopy, radiosity, radiotherapy, radish, radish [Raphanus sativus], radium, radius, radix, radwaste [coll.], raffish, raffle, raft, rafter, raftsman, rag, rag bag, ragamuffin, rage, ragged, raggedly, raging, ragout, rags, ragtag, raid, raided, raider, raiding party, raiding patrol, rail, rail journey, rail line, rail network, rail ride, rail track, railing, railings, railroad, railroad (RR), railroad crossing, railroad line, railroad network, railroad sleeper, railroad station, railroad tie, railroad timetable, railroad track, railroader, rails, railway, railway carriage, railway coach, railway crossing, railway employee, railway line, railway mission, railway network, railway service, railway system, railway timetable, railway track, railway worker, railwayman, raiment, rain, rain check, rainbow, raincoat, rainfall, rainily, rainproof, rainstorm, rainy, rainy squall, raise, raised hide, raised stand, raisin, raising, raising and wheeling machine, raising of credit, rake, rake-off [coll.], rakish, rally, rallying cry, ram, Ramadan, rambler, ramblers, rambunctious, ramification, ramifications, rammer, ramp, rampage, rampancy, rampant, rampantly, rampart, ramsch, ramshackle, ranch, rancid, rancidly, rancor, rancorous, rancorously, rancour, rand, random, random test, randy, range, range of goods, range of vision, range [of products]


Sabbath, saber, sabers, sable, sabot, sabotage, sabre, sabres, sac, saccharin, saccharine, sacerdotal, sachet, sack, sack coat, sack [coll.], sacking, sacred, sacredly, sacredness, sacrifice, sacrificial altar, sacrificial death, sacrilege, sacrileges, sacroiliac pain, sacs, sad, sad sack, saddened, saddle, saddle fast, saddle stitch [bookbinding], sadly, sadness, safe, safe keeping, safe-keeping, safeguard, safeguarded, safeguarding, safekeeping, safely, safeness, safety, safety instructions, safety razor, saffron, sag, sagacious, sagaciousness, sagacity, sagas, sage [female], sageness, sagger, Sagittarius, sail, sail [submarine], sailing, sailing ship, sailor, sailplane, sails, saint, sainthood, saintliness, saintly, saints, saithe [Pollachius virens], sake, salable, salably, salacious, salaciously, salaciousness, salad, salamander, salami, salaried, salary, sale, sale contract, saleable, saleably, sales, sales department, sales girl, sales tax, salesman, salesmen, salesperson, salestax, salient, saliently, saline, salitter, saliva, sallow, sallowness, sally, salon, saloon, saloon car, saloonkeeper, salpetre [spv.], salt, salt solution, salt water, saltatory, salted water, saltily, saltpeter, saltpetre, salty, salubrious, salubriously, salubriousness, salutarily, salutary, salutation, salute, salvage, salvaged, salvation, salvation of one's soul, salve, salver, salves, same, same-aged, same-named, same-sex, samey, Sami, sammy, sample, sanatorium, sanctification, sanctimonious hypocrite, sanctimony, sanction, sanctity, sanctuary, sand, sand-, sandal, sandalwood, sandbank, sandily, sandpaper, sandwich, sandwich [open], sandy, sane, sanely, sangfroid, sanguinary, sanguine, sanguinely, sanguineness, sanguineous, sanitarian, sanitarily, sanitariness, sanitarium [esp. Am.], sanitarium [esp. Am], sanitary, sanitation, sanities, sanitorium, sanity, sans, sap, sap [coll.] [esp. Am.], sap [fig.], sapience, sapient, sapiently, sapling, sapling [fig.], sapper, sapphire, sappily, sappy, sarcasm, sarcastic, sarcastically, sarcophagus, sardonic, sardonically, sarge [coll.], sarky, sashay [esp. Am.], sass, Sassenach, Sassenach [female] [Scot.] [Irish] [derogatory], Sassenach [Scot.] [Irish] [derogatory], sassiness, sassy


tab, tab [N. Engl.] [coll.], tab [sl.], table, table cloth, table game, table of contents, table reserved for regular guests, table talk, table tennis, table ware, tableau, tableau [fig.], tablet, tabletop, tableware, tabloid, taboo, tabooed, taboret, tabu, tabular, tabularly, tabulated, tabulation, tacit, tacitly, taciturn, taciturnity, taciturnly, tack, tack [direction of vessel], tack [esp. Am.] [coll.], tackily, tacking [sailing], tackle, tackle [soccer], tackling [football], tacky, tact, tactful, tactfully, tactic, tactical, tactical aircraft, tactical element of two aircraft, tactically, tactician, tacticians, tactics, tactile, tactile sense, tactitian, tactless, tactlessly, tadpole, taffy, tag, tagging, tagrag, tail, tail light, tail [also of a comet], tailback, tailgate, tailing, taillight, tailor, tailors, tailspin, tailspin [fig.], taint, tainted, take, take-apart, take-off, take-over of power, taken aback, taken for granted, takeoff, takeoff leg, takeover, taker, taking, taking drastic measures, taking over, taking part, talc, tale, talent, talented, talisman, talk, talkative, talkatively, talker, talkers, talkie [coll.], talking, talking film, talking-to [coll.], tall story, tallow, tally, tallying, talon, talus, tambour, tambourine, tame, tamely, tameness, tampering, tan, tan [suntan], tanbark, tandem, tang, tangential, tangentially, tangerine [Citrus reticulata], tangible, tangible assets, tangible property, tangibly, tangle, tangled, tangled mass, tangly, tangy, tank, tank car, tank top, tank wagon, tankard, tanker, tankers, tanktop, tanner, tanners, tannery, tantalising, tantalisingly, tantalization, tantalizing, tantalizingly, tantrum, tantrums, Tanzania (tz), tap, tap water, tape, tape measure, tape recorder, tapestry, tapestry [fig.], tapeworm, tappet, tapping, taps, tapu, tar, taradiddle [coll.], tardily, tardiness, tardy, tares, target, target date, tariff, tarmac, tarmac [at airport], tarn, tarnished, tarp [esp. Am.] [coll.: tarpaulin], tarpaulin, tart, tartar [kettle], tartar [teeth], tartaric acid, tartly, tartness, task, taskmaster, taste, tasteful, tastefully, tastefulness, tasteless, tastelessly, tastily, tasty, tater [coll.], tatter, tattered, tattie [Scot.] [coll.], tatting [lace making], tattle, tattler, tattletale


u [informal, short for "you"], U-bolt, ubermensch, udder, udders, UFO, Uganda (.ug), uglily, ugly, ugly old bag / hag [coll.], ullage, ulterior, ulterior motive, ulteriorly, ultimate, ultimate ground, ultimately, ultra, ultra-violet, ultrared, ultraviolet, ululation, umbilical hernia, umbrage, umbrageous, umbrella, umlaut, umpire, umpteen, umpteen times [coll.], un- [prefix], unability, unable, unaccented, unacceptable, unacceptably, unaccomplished, unaccountable, unaccountably, unacknowledged, unadept, unadulterated, unadvisable, unaffected, unaffectedly, unaffordable, unaffordably, unafraid, unalert, unalienable, unalike, unalterable, unalterably, unaltered, unalteredly, unambiguous, unambiguously, unambiguousness, unambitious, unamusing, unanalogous, unanimity, unanimous, unanimously, unapologetic, unappealingly, unappeasable, unappetising, unappetisingly, unappetizing, unappetizingly, unappreciative, unappreciatively, unappropriated, unapt, unarrested, unarticulate, unashamed, unashamedly, unasked, unassertive, unassigned, unassuming, unassumingly, unattached, unattachedly, unattended, unattractive, unattractively, unauthorised, unauthorisedly, unauthorized, unauthorizedly, unavoidable, unavoidably, unawakened, unaware, unawares, unbalanced, unbearable, unbearably, unbefitting, unbelief, unbelievable, unbelievably, unbeliever [female], unbelieving, unbelievingly, unbending, unbiased, unbiasedly, unbiasedness, unbiassed, unbiassedly, unbid, unbidden, unblanked, unblemished, unblinking, unblocking, unblushing, unblushingly, unblushingness, unboastful, unboastfully, unbound, unbounded, unboundedly, unbowed, unbreakable, unbridled, unbroken, unbrokenly, unbrokenness, unbudging, unbudgingly, unburdened, uncalled, uncandid, uncandidly, uncared, uncaredly, uncaring, unceremonious, uncertain, uncertainty, unchallengeable, unchallenged, unchallengedly, unchangeable, unchangeably, unchanged, unchangedly, unchanging, unchangingly, unchaste, uncivil, uncivilised, uncivilized, uncivilly, unclad, unclamped, uncle, unclean, uncleanly, unclear, unclenched, uncles, unclouded, uncluttered, uncocking, uncombined, uncomelily, uncomely, uncomfortable, uncomfortably, uncommitted, uncommon, uncommonly, uncommonness, uncommunicative, uncommunicatively, uncomplaining, uncomplex, uncomplimentary, uncompromising, unconcealed, unconcealedly, unconcern, unconcerned, unconcernedly, unconditional, unconditionally, unconfident, unconscionable, unconscionably, unconscious, unconsolidated, unconstrained, uncontested


V-belt, V-block, vacancy, vacant, vacant space, vacantly, vacantness, vacation, vaccination, vaccinator, vaccine, vacuity, vacuous, vacuously, vacuousness, vacuum, vacuum cleaner, vadge [sl.], vagabond, vagabonds, vagarious, vagary, vagina, vaginae, vaginas, vagrant, vagrantly, vagrants, vague, vaguely, vagueness, vain, vainglorious, vaingloriously, vainly, vainness, valance, vale, valediction, valerian, valet, valet de chambre, valets, valetudinarian, valiant, valiant hero, valiantly, valid, validated, validation, validity, validly, valley, valor, valorous, valorously, valour, valuable, valuableness, valuables, valuably, valuation, valuation [fig.], value, valuta, valve, vampire, vane, vanguard, vanity, vanity basin, vanquisher, vanquishers, vantage, vanward, vapid, vapidly, vapor, vapor bath, vaporiser, vaporisers, vaporizer, vaporizers, vaporous, vaporously, vapour, vapours, variable, variable time fuse, variably, variance, variant, variant (of), variantly, variation, variation (on), variational, varicella, varied, variedly, variegates, varieties, variety, variola, various, variously, variousness, varlet, varmint, varmints, varnish, varnish (paint), varsity, varying, vase, vasectomy, vaseline, vassal, vassal state, vast, vast number, vastly, vastness, vat, vaul, vault, vault [poet.], vaults, vectored, vectorial, vectoring, veda, veering, vegetable, vegetable oil, vegetable patch, vegetables, vegetarian, vegetarians, vegetated, veggie, veggie [coll.], veggy, veggy [coll.], vegie [coll.] [spv.], vehemence, vehemency, vehement, vehemently, vehicle, vehicle load capacity, veiled, veiling, veils, vein, vein of ore, veined, veld [S.Afr.], veldt, velocipede, velocity, velum, velvet, velveteen, velvety, venal, venally, vendee, vendees, vender [male], venders, vendetta, vendible, vendor, vendor [male], vendors, veneer [fig.], venerable, venerated, venerates, veneration, venereal, Venezuela (.ve), vengeance, vengefully, venial, venially, venison, venom, venomous, venomously, vent, vent [volcano], ventilation, ventilation flap, ventilator, venting, ventriloquist, ventriloquists, venture


wackily, wackiness [coll.], wacko, wacky, wad, wadding, wads, wafer, waffle, waffler, waft, wage, wage increase, wage rate, wage tax, wage work, wagers, wages per hour, wages tax, waggly, waggon, waggoner, waging, wagon, wagoner, wagtail, wail, wail [fig.: of wind etc.], wailful, wails, wails [esp. fig.: complaints], wain, wainscot, wainscoting, waist, waist belt, waistband, waistcoat, waistcoats, wait, waiter, waiters, waiting, waiting at table, waiting girl, waiting maid, waiting pay, waiting staff, waitress, waiver, wake, wakeful, wakefully, wakefulness, waler, wales, waling, walk, walker, walkers, walkout, walkover [coll.], walkthrough, walkway, wall, wall socket, walla [sl.], wallah [sl.], wallet, wallie, wallpaper, walls, wally, wan, wand, wanderer, wanderers, wanderings, wang [vulg.], wanger [vulg.], waning, wanker [sl.], wanky, wanly, wanness, want, want ad, wantage, wanton, wanton [archaic], wantonly, wantonness, war, war crime, war criminal, war guilt, war of succession, war plane, war-damaged, warbling, ward, ward [hospital], warden, wardens, warder, warders, wardrobe, wardship, ware, warehouse, warehousing, warfare, warhorse, warily, wariness, warlike, warlikely, warlock, warm cordiality, warm-down, warm-hearted, warm-up, warm-up time, warmhearted, warming, warmness, warmth, warning, warning signal, warp, warpage, warped, warping, warplane, warrant, warrantable, warrantor, warrantors, warranty, warren, warring, warrior, warriors, wart, warty, wary, wash, wash basin, wash bowl [in unit], wash liquor, wash-out, washable, washably, washbasin, washcloth, washed raw sugar, washer, washer face, washer of corpses, washer [Aus.], washer-faced portion, washers, washily, washing, washing agent, washing machine, washing out, washing powder, washing soda, washings, washout, washrag, washrags, washroom, washy, wasp, wasp sting, waspish, waspishly, waspishness, waspy, wassail, wastage, waste, waste bin, waste disposal site, waste dump, waste form, waste gas, waste ground, waste land, waste product, waste tip, waste water, wastebasket, wasted, wasted on drink, wasteful, wastefulness, wasteground


Xmas [coll.]


y'all, yacht, yack [coll.], yackety-yack [coll.], yager, yahoo [coll.], yakka [Aus.] [sl.], yap, yapping, yard, yard goods, yardstick, yarn, yarnwinder, yawl, yawn, yayo [sl.], yclept [archaic] (by the name of), ye [archaic, poet.], yea, yeah [coll.], Yeah?, year, year of birth, yearling, yearly, yearning, yearningly, yeast, yeast dough, yegg, yelling, yellow, Yellow, yellow fever, yellow jacket, yellow-belly [sl.], yellowing, yellowish, yellowjacket, yellowly, yellowy, yelp, Yemen (.ye), Yemeni, yen, yep [coll.], yer [coll.], yes, yes and no, yesterday, yesterday's, yesterdays, yet, yid [offensive], yield, yielding, yieldingly, yieldingness, yob, yobbishness, yobbo, yodeling, yodelling, yoke, yoke [traditional unit of area], yokel, yolk, yolks, yonder, yore, you, you guys, you know ..., you see [I haven't got time; you see, I'm going to the pub], you-all, young, young lady, young pig, young pigs, young shoot, young talent, young thing, young upwardly mobile professional, young urban professional, young'un [coll.], younger, youngish, youngling [liter.], youngster, your, your equals, your sort [coll.], your type [coll.], yourself, yourselves, youth, youth / child care worker, youth hostel, youth welfare office, youth welfare service, youth [female], youthful, youthfully, youths, yuan, yucky, Yugoslavia (.yu) [old], Yugoslavian, yukky, yum-yum [coll.], yummy, yup, yuppie [coll.], yuppy [spv.] [coll.]


zany, zeal, zealous, zealously, zealousness, zebra, zebra crossing, zeds, zenith, zephyr, zero, zero-defect, zest, zest for action, zestful, zestfully, zestfulness, zesty, Zeus, zig-zag, zigzag, zinc, zinc coating, zine [coll.], zing [coll.], zinger [esp. Am.] [coll.], zink, zip, zip [energy, vigour], zippy, zit, ziz [sl.], zombie [fig.], zombie [sl.], zone, zonked (out), zoo, zoo keeper, zoological garden, zoologist, zoology, zucchini, zucchinis, zwieback, zymosis


[a societal state where people with different worldviews allow their differences to dominate their consciousness], [advanced level of a high school], [Alpine herdsman and dairyman], [armed forces of the Third Reich], [atmosphere of comfort, peace and acceptance], [cookies with chocolate frosting or powdered sugar frosting], [day] after [day], [detached residence set in its own grounds], [discarded and useless] lumber, [gentle ground shot], [in lute tuning, to lower the pitch of the lowest note by a tone], [pay scale agreed to by the trade unions], [provincial high court and court of appeal in Germany], [school leaving examination], [somebody who smuggles people across borders], [vegetables, meat balls, dumplings, etc. added to a clear soup], [we, they] gotta [coll.]


éclaircissement [rare], éclat [archaic], élan [literary], élite, émigré, épée, étude



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